Welcome to Suiti!

Surrounded by the Lutheran Kurzeme area, the Suiti people turned into a closed Catholic community, thus managing to conserve their individual nature, customs, traditional attires and traditional cultural things and articles in such density and concentration no other Latvian region can compete with.

We are happy and proud to present this web page by “Etniskās kultūras centrs “Suiti” (Ethnical Culture Centre “Suiti”) association.
Here you can find information regarding the activities by the association, ensuring the Suiti cultural heritage is conserved, passed down and promoted efficiently The web page contains information about the cultural historic region of Suiti, its history and customs. A great part of the information is extracted from www.suitunovads.lv. The photos used are taken mostly by Dzintars Leja.
The information content of the web page is still being complemented and improved.

“The individuality of the Suiti community started shaping in the first half of 17th century, when the local land-owner Johan Ulrich von Schwerin took a Polish wife – the noblewoman Barbara Konarska, converted to Catholicism and made his local subjects convert, as well, separating them from the other Courland (Kurzeme) counties were Lutheranism was spread.”

Janīna Kursīte