about Suiti Association

Suiti Heritage depository

The Suiti heritage depository was created in 2014 and allocated in the Culture Centre of Alsunga, on the 2nd floor, at Zieduleja Street 1. Such place for storing the Suiti inventory became a necessity, as a result of implementing a project which was funded by the State Culture Capital foundation, titled “Identification, documentation and digitalization of the traditional attire conserved in the Suiti historical region: Alsunga, Basi, Gudenieki and Jūrkalne.” Within the field study the Association was kindly given by the local residents several beautiful ancient textiles and items. For the means of organizing and presenting the inventory to the visitors, the Association found itself in need of adequate arrangement and facilities.

Thanks to “Creating and equipping a depository for the Suiti heritage”, project of LEADER, which was implemented in 2013, the Association was provided with funds for the facilities and equipment to set up a permanent exhibition. The Suiti heritage depository offers a permanent exhibition of the Suiti traditional costumes and other textiles, while providing information about the history of tailoring traditional attires and offering a try-on service. The depository contains around 300 units.

Those, wishing to make their own Suiti costume themselves, can obtain valuable advice and consultation. The Suiti heritage depository is arranged as a seminar room with desks, chairs and computers in place. Here, anyone is allowed to run a seminar or training course for groups of up to 30 participants.

Dace Martinova
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