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“Suitu ķēķis”

“Suitu ķēķis” Creative Workshop

“Suitu ķēķis” (the Suiti kitchen) workshop traces back to 2016, when the Association, as a part of expanding its operation, began preparation works to set up a new creative workshop in Skolas Street 11a, Alsunga (locally known as the “red school”). The workshop is located just next to “Austuve” workshop. Step by step the facilities were renovated and the equipment was purchased. The workshop strives to preserve and promote the Suiti cuisine in form of master-classes and events organized by the traditional Suiti cooks. The special value of the Suiti kitchen workshop lies in its bread oven, ideal for baking bread and other food products.

Under the guidance of Skaidrīte Nagliņa, competent in the Suiti cuisine, everyone can participate in cooking and tasting the Suiti cuisine, while learning cooking skills, traditions and customs passed down by the ancestors. . The classes are suited for any age.

Duration of the classes – 1.5 to 3 h.
Price per person is calculated depending on your individual service choices.

  • Master-class of making sklandrausis tarts 4 EUR per person
  • The Suiti food 5-15 EUR per person
  • Master-class of cheese making 30 EUR
  • Master-class of the Suiti sourdough baking h 50-60 EUR

Dace Martinova
Phone 29222103