The Suiti traditional attire

Dūrgali or Mauči

Both males and females wear knitted or crocheted cuffs dūrgali or mauči over their shirt sleeves. The patterns are formed by colourful worsteds or smeldzes (beads) knitted in.

The custom of knitting dūrgali in the Suiti community was resuscitated by Dace Nasteviča.

It all started just like a fairy-tale – a very long time ago, when I was singing with the Suiti women. At that time Veronika Porziņģe, a great singer, was the only person who combined her attire with mauči, red and decorated with beads.

(…) I studied, touched and turned them upside down, inside out, but did not get, how… (…) One morning I woke up and the knowledge had come to me at once – including, how to knit a bead between stitches, how to count the pattern drawn up in checks, how to bead.”

Dace Nasteviča owns the largest collection of dūrgali in the Suiti community. She has passed down the tradition to many other enthusiasts, so knitting dūrgali has become very popular in the Suiti community lately. Dace Nasteviča has compiled her knowledge and experience in her book “Adīti mauči”, 2014.