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“Austuve” weavers’ workshop

The creative weavers’ workshop “Austuve” was founded on 2008 under a project which was funded by the State Culture Capital Foundation and managed by Ilga Leimane. Premises were kindly allocated by the Alsunga District Municipality for creating the workshop at Skolas Street 11a (locally also known as the “red school”). To create it, the local residents contributed actively, including Andris Vasiļevskis, the Suiti priest of that time. Thanks to the weaving loom and other tools necessary given by the locals, the workshop was launched successfully. The main benefit during that period was involving the local weaving experts in effort to bring back the weaving traditions. The beginners were trained by Antonija Trumsina, Elza Vanaga, Ligita Jansone and Ilga Leimane, who are highly experienced and competent in customs of ancestors, thus ensuring the youngest generation can acquire the unique skills and bringing back the custom of having a self-made Suiti traditional attire. One by one the weavers’ club was joined by new members – Māra Kušķe-Damberga, Kristīne Brūkle, Sarmīte Egļukalna, Mareta Petroviča, Irēna Hartmane and others, who came with the purpose to weave their own Suiti skirt or villaine. In 2016 the “EKC “Suiti”” association carried out the LEADER project “Renovation of facilities of creative workshop “Austuve””, that is, decorating the facilities, replacing the windows and heating pipes and renewing the wiring in the workshop facilities.

Thanks to funds raised, each year “EKC “Suiti”” association gives classes on weaving skills in “Austuve” workshop and also in the leisure centre in Jūrkalne Library. Also starting 2014, Jūrkalne civil parish has its own little club of weavers consisting of 5-7 members, who are taught new skills by Daiga Jansone every year. During the latest years the new weavers have learned about and acquired skills in the weaving techniques of block drafts (dreļļu audums), chain patterns and reversible blankets.

The creative workshop is happy to be joined by every person interested in weaving skills. Assisted by the workshop masters, everyone is welcome to view and learn about the rich Suiti heritage, including both watching the process of tailoring the features of Suiti traditional attire and other textile articles and the opportunity to dress up in the Suiti traditional costume.

Creative workshop “Dzīpariņa dzīvesstāsts”

The creative workshop “Dzīpariņa dzīvesstāsts” (Life of a yarn worsted) offers learning about the process of making a yarn worsted just like our ancestors did. It shows all the steps, from yarn to worsted, from worsted to canvas or sock. Do you know how the antique tools – spinning wheel, winder, loom were operated? The crafty workshop managers will make you move your fingers just like our grandmothers did, while passing down the ancestors’ traditional craft skills to the next generations.

Classes for any age.
Duration of the classes – 1.5 to 2 h.
Price: 4 EUR per person

  • What is yarn, where it comes from?
  • Yarn processing
  • Tools
  • Spinning, throwing, reeling
  • Weaving, knitting, crocheting

Dace Martinova
Phone 29222103
Skolas iela 11A, Alsunga